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Rannerdale Bluebells

July 8, 2012

Was going to say this Summer had flown past, but calling it Summer this year might be stretching the point a bit. However I have managed to get out and about, and realised I hadn’t written about the Rannerdale Bluebells.

Rannerdale Images

What reminded me was finding this image on my computer. I had posted a photo on Twitter and one of my followers @jacswork had felt it was worth painting. He is very talented and enjoys getting inspiration from photos people send him.

The Bluebells at Rannerdale were one of these things I had always meant to see but never seemed to find the time, however despite a day off with rather dull weather I decided to go and have a look.

Road to Rannerdale

The drive to Rannerdale takes you along the side of Crummock Water. There are several places to park with just a short walk to the valley.

Rannerdale footpath

It can be quite a busy spot at bluebell time but I was lucky as there were only a few folk about. The valley opens up and in front of you is a hillside tinged with blue.

Rannerdale Bluebells

The story of the Rannerdale Bluebells is that the area resisted the Norman invaders in the 50 years after 1066 the Norman Invasion. The Norman army was ambushed and defeated by the Britons and Norsemen at the Battle of Rannerdale. The bluebells are said to have grown from the spilt blood of the slain Norman warriors.

Gorse and Bluebells

It would be difficult not to be moved by this wonderful show of nature.

Moody lighting

It’s a nice little circular walk through the bluebells.

View back to Crummock Water

The whole area is looked after by National Trust.

Rannerdale carpark

Best time for viewing the bluebells is May, see I did tell you I was a bit behind on writing this up!


And of course as you drive along at this time of year, make sure you tak heed of the road signs!

Cumbrian Sign


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  1. Chris Naylor permalink

    Great reading thanks I’m going to have to get
    Up there in may
    Also I can’t believe it’s 40 years since the
    Mountain goat started mind you I was
    Only 11

    • Thank you for reading 🙂 The photos don’t do it justice. Even on a blustery dark day the valley is a sea of blue. A wonderful sight!. Hope you get a chance to see it for yourself some day.

  2. Hi.. I am a Fan of the Bluebells… I would love so much to know exactly the time we find them and where exactly . I come from Brazil but I live in Hamburg , Germany…and I am a passionate Photograph and I would like very much to get in touch with people who walks around these places..
    Please try to inform me…
    Best wishes

    • Hi Bella, Just depends what kind of Winter we have had, but round about May to June. There is usually quite a lot of buzz on the internet when the Rannerdale Bluebells are in bloom, so keep your eyes open 🙂

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