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Happy 40th Anniversary Mountain Goat

April 9, 2012

Not my usual blog of what to see and where to go. More a how to get there blog.

Mountain Goat Bus

It is funny how things can be so familiar that you just take them for granted. Was speaking to someone the other day and said “I know!, go by Mountain Goat”. This was met with a lot of laughter and complete misunderstanding.

Mountain Goat provide Lake District Tours to some of the more difficult parts of the Lake District to reach, along with more familiar trips to the popular villages. The perfect way to travel and not worry about the sometimes challenging roads in this area. Sit back, relax, and let someone else do the hard work.

Those were the days

My family had a business in Grasmere for many decades, and a familiar sight were the rows of Mountain Goat Buses lined up at the side. We got to really know many of the drivers, all local and with a huge depth of knowledge of the local area, usually served with large amounts of humour. Established in 1972, they are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year. How the years have flown past.

A fleet of Mountain Goats

Nowadays they have a much more up to date fleet of buses, but it seemed appropriate to show these old family photos. Happy 40th Birthday Mountain Goat! and here’s to the next 40 years.

Mountain Goat Tours can be booked by telephoning 015394 45161 or Email:

Now a little confession. I haven’t been on a Mountain Goat for about 30 years. In this their 40th year I am going to make sure I do again!

  1. I have to admit to not using Mountain Goat for at least as long as you, but have been thinking of planning some walks and using the MG to get back. Nead to check this out.


  2. Having grown up in Elterwater where my parents ran a Coffee shop we were also familiar with the procession of Mountain Goat tours who would stop with us on a regular basis (circa early 80’s).
    Now my wife & I run our own business is Elterwater the Mountain Goat is seldom seen for alas we have no Coffee Shop and no village shop. Mountain Goat now heads for Chapel Stile to let their guests feast on the fantastic cakes at Brambles Cafe above the Co-Op instead.

    • Yes times change, Mountain Goat has been such a feature of the landscape for so long. Great to see a local company succeed. Happy memories!

  3. Dave Bartlett permalink

    Back in 1982, Mountain Goat ran some services as well as tours. I remember a group of us taking the early morning Mountain Goat service from Glenridding to Keswick. We were first in the queue when the bus arrived, but one of my friends and I ended up climbing up onto the roof of the bus, to load up and secure rucksacks and packs, (ours and those of other passengers.) We spent a while up there while the driver looked on, and all the other passengers passed up their luggage and then boarded.

    Our reward for all this effort? The two of us ended up making the entire journey crouching in the aisle between the seats, because the other, latecomer passengers (who we’d been helping,) had already claimed all the available seats.

    A great journey though, despite that. Always good fun to ‘go by goat’.

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