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Snowy Ambleside Village Walk

February 10, 2012

Compared to previous years we really haven’t had much snow up till now. In fact up until recently it has been amazingly mild too.

Snowy Bridge House Ambleside

However in the past week things have changed. Temperatures plummeted, snow arrived, and today as I stay warm inside writing this freezing rain has caused traffic chaos with black ice on the roads, and pavements that are lethal to walk on.

White Lion Pub Ambleside

While the snow was fresh and untouched I went for a circuit of the village.

Fun in the snow

People were out making the most of things, and as it was the weekend no one was in any rush to go anywhere. Well actually that’s not strictly true, because being a Saturday it was change over day for the holiday homes and paths were being hurriedly  cleared to let folk in and out. Oh the joys of holiday home ownership!

Entrance to Stockghyll Falls

I went in the bottom gate of Stockghyll Falls. It was one of these days where you get the occasional glimpse of blue sky, but mostly grey.

Depth of snow

This picnic bench gave a good indication of how much snow had fallen, it looked to be about six inches. Very localised by the sound of it, apparently Keswick nearby had hardly any snow.

A glimmer of sunshine

It was really quiet and very beautiful with all the fresh snow. A few animal tracks, lots of deer to be seen here but no sign of the animals themselves. That would have been too perfect!

To the revolving gate

I was curious to see if the victorian wrought iron revolving gate at the top exit of the falls would actually be able to revolve.

Victorian revolving gate Stockghyll

It was, with a bit of a shove! And yes, well spotted that bit of snow on the top did fall on my head as I pushed it. As I came out at the top of the falls, a tractor went past with a snowplough attached, because of the snow in the past few years everyone seemed to be much better organised. The Troutbeck valley had invested in their own snowplough this year, bet they were glad to get their money’s worth!.

Snowy Lane

Just outside the revolving gate is the site of the new Ambleside Allotments. Not much growing going on here yet.

Site of Ambleside Allotments

Impressive as their deer fences are, I can bet you those deer from across in the falls will find a way to get in, fence or no fence, watch this space…  I headed back down towards the village, taking the little footpath that cuts across the back of Ambleside.

Winter Wonderland

Thought I would head down to Waterhead Bay and see if the sun had broken through.

Waterhead Ambleside

That will be a no then. Windermere was till beautiful in a monotone sort of way, but very misty by the lake.

Misty Swans

Oh well, on through Borrans Park and back towards Ambleside

Waterhead Swans

Thank heavens for these swans to add a bit of interest. By now it was getting really foggy and the cold was really starting to bite.

Winter Sunshine

So back to where I started, time to head to Esquires for a welcome cup of hot coffee. Their logo is a penguin, and it was certainly weather to make a penguin feel welcome today!

NT Bridge House Ambleside

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  1. Beautiful pictures – I really felt I was on the walk with you – even got a bit chilly along the way! Thank you for sharing…

  2. This is amazing

  3. I really wish I would go there one day

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