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Little Salkeld & Long Meg.

March 10, 2011

There seems to be some sort of conspiracy going on this year. Working day = Blue sky, Day off = grey dismal day. So it’s a case of looking for colour wherever I can find it.

Little Salkeld Watermill Tearoom

I was wandering about trying to work up some enthusiasm to get out and about, or should I just stay at home and make some bread? Ah no flour! I know where to go. The Eden Valley was somewhere I hadn’t been for a while, so off over Kirkstone Pass in the rain I went.

Kirkstone Pass towards Brotherswater

I was heading to Little Salkeld which has a Working Watermill, housing a tearoom, Bakery, and Shop.

Millers Guild sign, Little Salkeld.

This is a lovely little jumbled collection of buildings, painted in bright colours. The tearoom is first class serving organic vegetarian food. I can highly recommend the homemade soup with a selection of breads baked on the premises.

Mill Stones Little Salkeld

I was here to buy some stoneground wholewheat flour from the shop, but it’s always worth a little wander round the buildings, and a look at the Mill race.

Mill race Little Salkeld

The red sandstone cottages of Little Salkeld date back to about 1745 and have lots of little quirky features.

Quirky window Little Salkeld

The Mill is open to the public and can be done as a self guided tour, or accompanied depending on which you prefer.

Little Salkeld Watermill

They also run bread making courses as well, and there is also a nice little shop to browse in. Someone was taking advantage of a break in the weather to get their drying done in among the snowdrops.

Washing and snowdrops

However there wasn’t much gardening going on…..

Potting Shed Little Salkeld

Time for a wander up the road for a bit of exercise. Situated not far away is a stone circle second only in size to Stonehenge, Long Meg and her daughters.

Long Meg and her Daughters

Dating from 1500 BC Long Meg is made from the local red sandstone and the boulders are made of granite. Various myths abound about the circle. Long Meg was apparently a witch who with her daughters was turned to stone for profanity (in the form of dancing about) on the Sabbath.

Long Meg and Nature Valley

Long Meg watched over me as I enjoyed my snack courtesy of Nature Valley who had very kindly sent me an incentive to keep blogging, and cup of coffee. She is marked with megalithic art in the form of cup and ring markings, but I was careful not to leave any flask marks on her daughters! Refreshments over it was time to do what I always do when here.

Long Meg stone circle

Apparently if you walk round all the stones and count them correctly, then put your ear to Long Meg you can hear her whisper. Well all I can say is I always knew I was rubbish at maths, because not once has she ever whispered anything to me. Maybe one day….




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  1. I love Long Meg! But did you try to count the stones (as they are apparently uncountable!)? Seriously great place to visit, but please don’t all go at once: very little parking 😦

    • Yes as you can see from the end of the post. I always count them but never succeed!. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Including Long Meg herself, I believe there to be 69 stones. I walked there one Christmas morning with a few of us who were up on holiday. A friend’s dog Tina, was running up and down the line when she ran off ahead as we approached the circle. As I approached there was a chap already at the circle and I noticed Tina the dog squirreling away at the base of Long Meg. Unfortunately for the guy, Tina was merrily helping herself to his offering of bread, berries and other food stuffs (including flowers etc) on this alternatively pagan day. I burbled some apology, but he was pragmatic about it, saying, “Well, it’s one of the lesser mortals!”. At least Tina was pleased!

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