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A short walk to Rydal

December 4, 2010

Well the first snow of the year arrived in November this year. Scotland is having a terrible time. It’s not often the East Coast gets snow but they have had tremendous amounts. As I write this we have had a large snow fall last night, but these photos are from earlier in the week when we just had a little.

Rydal Estate in the snow.

This is a nice walk from Ambleside on the level, with a pub in the middle from Ambleside to Rydal and back. Setting out from Ambleside along Rydal road I headed through the gates to the Rydal Estate.

Looking towards Fairfield

Situated on the Estate is a really nice tea room and interesting gardens. You come out of the Estate beside Rydal Church and can either continue to Grasmere via the Coffin Route or head back to the main road where you will see the Badger Bar. Just opposite is a cutting in the wall. As you walk down you can see Cote Howe which is a very nice vegetarian Bed & Breakfast on your left. Keep heading right and you reach Rydal Water.

Ice on Rydal Water

Rydal had a bit of ice on it, but nothing like last year …. yet!.

Icy reflections on Rydal

From this point you can either take a low level walk along the shore, across White Moss Common and through the woods to Grasmere, or walk higher along Loughrigg Terrace to Grasmere.

Looking towards White Moss

As I was just out for a short walk I took a few more photographs of Rydal before setting back to Ambleside.

Rydal Water

And a quick shot of my favourite boathouse

Rydal Boathouse

One last look at the reflections on the water

Wintry Reflections on Rydal Water

I started heading back to home. Now last winter when we had all the snow, the only place I slipped was on the road under Loughrigg so I should have thought about that as I headed back up to the main road and towards Ambleside. When you come to a little humpback bridge called Pelter Bridge you go over it and start walking under Loughrigg on a quiet road. I wanted to go this way as there are stepping stones over the river which can be quite picturesque in Winter.

Stepping stones at Ambleside

Mission accomplished I kept walking with thoughts of a hot coffee in the village, and then it happened….. I fell, flat on my back. Funny how the first thing you do is look around to see if anyone has seen you! Anyway no one about and actually didn’t see another soul for ages so just as well I wasn’t seriously injured. Ice under snow is not good and I had damaged my lower back. The Under Loughrigg road brings you back into Ambleside through the park and into the village where my coffee awaited. A week later I am still waddling like a duck, however it’s just going up hill that hurts so more low level wanders and photos to follow.

From → Lake District, Rydal

  1. Thank you for sharing this pictorial walk. It really communicates the contemplative nature of the walk. Sorry to hear about the back.

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