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Ulverston Flag Festival

May 15, 2010

I decided to go and see the Flag Festival at Ulverston which is one of my favourite events. It was slightly windy which showed the flags off to their full advantage, but meant taking photos was slightly tricky!.

Ulverston Flag Festival

Ulverston is a very good shopping centre with a great variety of independent shops. During Flag fortnight they all display flags outside their premises. The flags usually denote the type of business.

Gillam's Coffee Shop, Ulverston.

For instance Gillam’s tea and coffee shop has a teapot on it’s flag. Even the multiples get in on the act as the photo of Tesco Express shows.

Tesco Express Ulverston.

One of my favourite buildings is the Pharmacy on the corner.

Pharmacy, Ulverston.

And another favourite stop is the Novel Cafe.

Novel Cafe Ulverston

Ulverston has more Festivals than anywhere I know. The lantern festival which takes place in September is an amazing sight. The Dickensian Christmas Festival in November is a two day event with stalls, entertainers and everyone in costume. It does get very busy though so it’s best to get there early and make a day of it.

Flag Festival Ulverston.

As with every festival there always has to be one comedian and I spotted this “underpants” flag flying proudly in the breeze.

Original Flag.

Goodness knows what the town’s most famous son would have thought of it.

Laurel and Hardy statue Ulverston.

Stan Laurel and his partner Oliver Hardy keep watch outside the Coronation Hall. Laughing gravy their dog at their side. The statue was unveiled by Ken Dodd and was paid for by The Sons of the Desert, the international appreciation society for Laurel and Hardy.

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  1. My old home town. Thanks for sharing the photos. I feel quite sentimental now.

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