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Seathwaite & Ulpha Churches.

April 28, 2010

A very scenic part of the Lake District, the Duddon Valley is the home to two hamlets, Seathwaite and Ulpha. Both have tiny churches which are very picturesque.

Seathwaite Church, Duddon Valley.

Seathwaite church is associated with “Wonderful Walker” The Rev. Robert Walker (died 1802) who was a real character.

Clipping Stone, Seathwaite Church.

Just outside the church porch is the Clipping Stone used by Robert Walker for shearing sheep at Gaitscale Farm and now in use as a sundial. He was called Wonderful Walker because he could turn his hand to just about anything. Making clothes, spinning, brewing ale, shearing sheep, knitting, wood working, he was a master of many trades.

Doorknocker, Seathwaite church.

Robert Walker was also the village schoolmaster, and his exemplary lifestyle and willingness to help people was a reputation that inspired Wordsworth to write “The Excursion” in his honour.

Interior Seathwaite Church.

On the interior wall of the church is a beautiful version of The Ten Commandments.

Ten Commandments.

Also in the Duddon Valley is the little hamlet of Ulpha, who’s church sits proudly on a hill overlooking the countryside.

Ulpha Church

A simple whitewashed church, it has hand-drawn inscriptions and some exposed wall paintings inside. Unfortunately there is a grill across the entrance so I could not go inside, but did poke my camera through the grill!

Interior Ulpha Church.

Just up the road is the village store, which can be seen through the porch of the church.

Towards Ulpha Store.

With a final look behind me at the bell tower, I headed back to the car. It is always worth stopping at these little village churches, you never know what you might find.

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