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Millom Rock + Deer Parks

April 19, 2010

A new attraction opened in the area this week. The advertising said “look into a volcano”, highly topical as planes have  been grounded in and out of the UK for 5 days now due to a volcano erupting in Iceland.

Sign for Millom Rock Park

The Rock Park is situated at Ghyll Scaur Quarry and would be a brilliant outing for anyone interested in the geology of the Lake District.

Glacial Boulder

Signs tell you what age and type the rocks are. In this case Sedimentary and 20,000 years old. They also say where in the Lake District they come from, this was from The Whicham Valley in Cumbria.

View into the quarry

As it was late on a Sunday when we went there was not much activity in the quarry, however it was obvious by the large yellow diggers parked up that it would be an amazing sight when they were in action.

History of mining in Millom

Various storyboards explain how rocks from the quarry are used across the roads of Britain.

Looking towards the Furness Peninsula

The Rock Park would definitely appeal to children and adults alike. I would allow about an hour to view the exhibits.

The Rock Park is situated in the Millom Deer Park and this is  a great place to walk through the forest on a circular route, for a gentle walk round the perimeter allow about an hour and a half. There are various view points where you can climb up and look over the top of the trees.

Route round Millom Deer Park

The forest is wonderful a real enchanted forest with fairly defined paths throughout.

Path through Millom Deer Park

It’s a lovely walk and you never know what you will find round the next corner.

Tarn in the woods

At one point you can climb over the stone wall and head over towards Black Coombe direction.

View towards Black Coombe

As you continue round on the circular route you get some stunning views over the Furness Peninsula looking towards Walney Island.

View over Furness Peninsula

View over Furness Peninsula

Carry on and you reach the quarry again, and back to the car park. One of those places you could either spend an hour or a day investigating and a good family day out.

Millom Rock Park.

Before we had set off I had spent the morning making cards which I sell for funds for the North West Air Ambulance and had actually been wondering how the no flying ban was affecting them. Unfortunately we came across an accident and the helicopter was just landing.

North West Air Ambulance

Apparently the Air Ambulance is flying lower than normal during the current problem. They do a marvellous job.

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