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Stockghyll Falls Daffodils

April 17, 2010

I have been doing a Daffodil Watch on Twitter this year as the Daffodils were so late in coming out and I was hoping they would be at their best at Easter. Although I have mentioned the Daffodils in Grasmere previously, I thought it would be nice to describe the walk up from Ambleside Village to the daffodils at the top of Stockghyll Falls, on the lower slopes of Wansfell.

Stockghyll Daffodil

From the centre of Ambleside take the road at the side of Barclays Bank and turn sharp left (signposted the waterfalls). Continue up the road with the river Stock on your left, keep looking down at the river as quite often there is a heron sitting there well camouflaged by the rocks. Just before you pass a little housing estate on your right, you will see  a tree stump decorated with coins.

Tree stump with coins

It always amazes me how many people don’t see the tree stump and it is right on the roadside so easily visible.

Weir at Lower Stockghyll

Turn into Stockghyll Park on your left. Just ahead is the weir. Carry on up and the road splits. Head down to your left over the little bridge and carry on up the left hand side of the falls.

The path to Stockghyll Falls

Early morning at Stockghyll

Stockghyll Falls have been featured by  me in all weathers previously, so I am not going to dwell on the falls themselves this time.

Stockghyll Falls

However I can’t really not include a view of them. Cross the bridge over the top of the falls and start heading down the other side. There are a few picnic tables here, a beautiful spot to sit and take a break. Now look to your left. I started off taking photos of the daffodils when they were like this….

Waiting for the Daffodillls

And here is what I was waiting for ……

Daffodils Stockghyll Falls

A sea of golden Daffodils indeed, and not just one type of Daffodil but several.

Daffodil Trumpet

I have counted five different varieties but there may be more.

Stunning Daffodil

My mum will be the first one to tell you that I have had a lifelong fascination for Daffodils. She loves to tell the tale of when I was “very” young and went to the local park and picked a bunch for her. I didn’t realise they were for looking at and not picking. My lovely kind guesture of bringing my mum some flowers turned into a major incident when the Park Keeper followed me home and I got told off at length!

Early sunlight

Little did I know then that I would have my own display of Daffodils on the doorstep one day.

You now have a choice. You can either head back down the other side of the falls and back into Ambleside. Alternatively you can head to your left and out of the revolving Victorian iron gate (worth a look in any case).

Victorian revolving gate, Stockghyll Park

Go through the gate and turn right to go back to the village, or extend your walk by turning left and wandering further up the Stockghyll Valley, or for the more adventurous carry on to the top of Wansfell.

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  1. Daffs bring sunshine in any weathers =) LOVE the gate.

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