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Waterhead Bay Ambleside.

April 15, 2010

Woke early and lay listening to the news which seemed to be implying some large cloud of ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland was hanging over us, all planes in and out of the country cancelled and so on. Thought about it and it looked a bit too bright outside for that to be the case. Pulled the curtains and it was a lovely bright morning. Decided to walk down for the weekly newspaper, but once I got started kept going and ended up at Waterhead Bay.

Early morning boats, Waterhead Bay, Ambleside.

It was very still and not a soul around. They are speaking about “improving” the area at the moment. Not much needs improving it is a lovely place to wander.

Princess of the Lake, Windermere.

Since the 10mph speed limit came in a few years ago, speedboats have gone and more traditional boats are about.

Boats at Waterhead Bay

Wandered round to Borrans Park in the sunshine. The daffodils were out but not the Hiroshima cherry tree. Will have to go back in a week or two to see it in full bloom.

Daffodils at Borrans Park

Headed on to Galava Roman Fort next, with one last look at the Lake.

Waterhead Bay, Ambleside.

Time was pushing on and I had promised my son a cooked breakfast before he headed back to Bristol to University, so no time to stop at the fort. It is worth a visit if you are ever in the area. It is the remains of a second century fort from 79AD One of several built to protect the vital trade routes through Cumbria.

Fairfield from Borrans Park Ambleside.

Well considering the “unprecedented” fact that no planes were flying either in or out of Britain all day, and I had expected to be covered in ash by the time I had finished my walk, it was a lovely stroll. Thinking about the volcanic eruption, there is a bright side. Not one low flying jet has headed past today!

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