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Grasmere and Daffodils

April 8, 2010

After a very wet Easter Monday, which didn’t however seem to deter the crowds thankfully, it was a pleasure to wake to a sunny morning. Needing to walk off a bit of Easter egg indulgance I got into work early and had a wander round Grasmere village. Because of the hard winter all the daffodils have been a bit slow at appearing this year. Grasmere has a Daffodil garden and I headed there to see what was happening.There they were, to quote our most famous resident William Wordsworth “A host of golden daffodils, beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze”.

Daffodils fluttering in the breeze

Despite a great deal of debate, no one knows the exact spot where William and Dorothy Wordsworth saw the famous daffodils that inspired “I wandered lonely as a cloud” It was somewhere between Gowbarrow Park and Patterdale on a walk they took on 15th April 1802.

Daffodils at Wordsworth's Grave, Grasmere.

Was glad to see that Wordsworth had his own little bunch of daffodils to look at!

Grasmere Daffodil Garden

Grasmere Daffodil garden is situated beside the church and daffodils can be planted there in your name. The aim is to eventually have “ten thousand saw I at a glance” to quote our friend Wordsworth again. All the money raised is used to preserve and promote the Vale of Grasmere and it’s traditional ways. Donations go towards the upkeep of the church, affordable housing for locals, The Wordsworth Trust and The National Trust to help farmers and others maintain countryside features that otherwise would be difficult to afford because of low hill farm incomes.

Looking towards Daffodil Garden, Grasmere

So what was once an unused plot of land near the church is now being put to good use and enhances the village providing a lovely peaceful place to sit.

Beautiful Grasmere village

I noticed as I was heading back to work that even Grasmere Church was welcoming visitors with their own display of Daffodils.

Welcome to Grasmere Church

Truly a beautiful day in Grasmere, pity work was beckoning!

  1. Another fabulous entry. Thankyou.

    Interestingly I was born on an Easter Monday and my birthday falls in April…..I wonder if that is why daffodils have always been my favourite flower?

    • Thank you. Funnily enough my Birthday is this time of year too and everyone knows my favourite present is a bunch of the first daffodils of the year. So cheering, a sign the winter is coming to an end and the nights are getting lighter.

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