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Windermere, Grasmere and more snow.

March 2, 2010

Early morning visit to the dentist this morning and hadn’t expected snow to have arrived again overnight. Rush to get the car defrosted, check the hill was passable (just) and off to Windermere. Made a mental note that after enduring the dentist I should stop on the way to work and try to get some photos.

Parked up next to a very optimistic icecream van and took a few shots of Windermere.

Overlooking Windermere Lake

The Langdale Pikes were looking particularly stunning with their new coating of snow and the clear blue sky.

Snow topped Langdale Pikes

Had to get a move on and get to work so tore myself away carried on to Grasmere only to come screeching to a halt again, no way could I not take a photo of Grasmere Lake this morning.

A snowy Grasmere Lake this morning

As I was standing there another car pulled in and the occupant leapt out with his camera too. We had a good chat about how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful area.

View over snowy Grasmere Lake

One final shot and I really must get to work!

Grasmere on a March morning

Grasmere on a March Morning

One Comment
  1. LOL @ the optimistic ice cream van.

    Really must get some time in up your way . . . have only been once and that was just a quickie day trip when we were holiday in the next county. Have a feeling it would live up to expectations unlike some other areas.

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