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Langdales and coffee

February 19, 2010

A beautiful morning, but first a quick walk down through Stockghyll Falls to Ambleside. Half term holiday so quite a few folk about. First visit, the new Holland and Barrett store which opened this week. Pleased to see quite a variety of vegetarian items in stock, however a bit of cross over product wise with Granny Smiths which is family run, lets hope it doesn’t affect them. Next to Costa coffee which has also just opened in the Market place. Could have been anywhere, am sure it will appeal to some folk but hope it doesn’t affect the independent cafes.

Needed to escape from the crowds so headed up the Langdale valley for a bit of peace and quiet. Despite the schools being on holiday, hardly anyone about.

Langdale Boulders and view up the valley.

Still quite a bit of snow about after the unexpected fall we had on Tuesday, a bright crisp day and actually very warm in the sun.

Another view up the Langdale valley.

The boulders are actually very interesting and am sure most people drive by without even knowing they are there. The sun was shining on the sign but this gives a bit of information.

Langdale Boulders information.

Decided it was time for a decent cup of coffee so went to The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, sat outside in the sun and had my coffee along with a bowl of chips. Well it is national chip week this week and they do brilliant chips!

A fine fellow

This sheep was surveying his surroundings and enjoying the warmth of the Spring sunshine.

Little Langdale, which way shall we go.

Where the sun had been shining the roads were fine but coming down through little Langdale there was snow and ice on the road. You can just see the sign saying the road over the Pass is closed due to ice. Very surprising how few folk were about on such a beautiful day, however once back in Ambleside the crowds appeared again.

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